December 2014

Acorn Productions has recently entered into an exciting new collaboration with drama producers Linda James (Valhalla Rising, Submarine) and Tim Vaughan (William and Mary, A Touch of Frost) and their new London based independent production company, Sly Fox Productions.

Acorn will work closely with Linda and Tim to develop and produce a broad slate of new television drama for UK and US broadcasters. Under the arrangement, umbrella group RLJ Entertainment will also grow its global content pipeline through its home entertainment imprint RLJE International by taking distribution rights in the finished programming created by Sly Fox Productions. The managing directors of Acorn and RLJE International will sit on the board of Sly Fox Productions.

The relationship with Sly Fox Productions signifies a new way of working for Acorn, and is a hugely exciting development for RLJ Entertainment's wider strategy, strengthening our ambitious plans to build our content base and continue bringing drama of the highest quality to an international audience. To date the business model used for co-ventures of this type in the UK has involved production businesses taking equity stakes in creative start-ups. We have developed a different model, enabling independent production companies to retain 100% of their equity, but still to be umbrella'd by us, with all of the security and upside that brings.

We will be looking to replicate that model with other creative teams focusing on television drama. Any companies interested in working with Acorn Productions on this new collaborative basis should email us - Click for email address


Sly Fox Productions

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